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Thinking in cycles: This principle from nature shapes the work of the VTA Group. The company operates worldwide and helps to clean the wastewater produced by more than 250 million people every day.

VTA Gebäude

VTA was founded in 1992 by Ing. Dr. h. c. Ulrich Kubinger as a one-man company. Today, the VTA Group is an international, medium-sized company and innovation leader in the industry.


Treatment of the wastewater produced daily by more than 250 million people.
Current annual production of over 130,000 tonnes.
Individual complete solutions precisely tailored to specific customer requirements
Supplying thousands of municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial customers
Innovative technologies and years of experience with over 70 patents
More than 450 employees worldwide.

We’ll go as far as it takes!

The VTA Group is already successful in 65 countries. We supply thousands of municipal treatment plants, as well as numerous customers in various industries all over the world. 

At our headquarters in Rottenbach (Austria) and six other locations in Europe, VTA manufactures system products which are entirely environmentally friendly to ensure the safe, sustainable and cost-effective optimisation of waste water purification.

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For a sustainable future: A safe world in which children can thrive.

VTA in action

VTA reduces CO2 emissions from wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants are environmental protection companies, because they purify wastewater. However, this process also produces climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2), which escapes into the air. VTA Biosolit® binds CO2 by using it to optimise wastewater treatment. At the Kitzbühel treatment plant alone, for example, this means that annual CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 370 tonnes. This has been scientifically confirmed by wastewater expert Prof. Dr. Martin Wagner from the Technical University of Darmstadt. No fewer than 32,000 deciduous trees would be needed to bind this amount of greenhouse gas.

VTA treatment plant

VTA ensures good air in Vienna

In many places, bad smells from sewers are a problem, especially in spring and summer. This is generally caused by hydrogen sulphide (H2S), which is formed by biological processes in septic water. Special products from VTA can not only eliminate unpleasant odours immediately, but can also reliably prevent their development in advance. State-of-the-art control technology ensures fully automated, economical dosing. In addition, severe corrosion damage caused by H2S in the sewer system is also prevented. “Odour killers” from VTA are used successfully in many cities and municipalities – including the Austrian capital Vienna.

Vienna from the air

VTA prevents alarm on the Rhine

The high-tech product VTA Nanofloc® uses nanotechnology to separate the biomass from the treated wastewater in the treatment plant – unrivalled in speed and sustainability. It therefore ensures absolutely safe operation while at the same time reducing costs, as particularly low doses are possible. But not only that: it is also a powerful fire brigade when it counts in times of crisis. During an incident at a treatment plant near Bonn, for example, VTA Nanofloc® made it possible to prevent an alarm from having to be raised on the Rhine.

Aerial view of the river Rhine in Bonn
Ing. Mag. Dr. h. c. Ulrich Kubinger
Managing Director / CEO VTA Group

‘At VTA, we think in cycles. We not only treat wastewater, we also pay attention to the environment as a whole.’