VTA Biokat®

Everything in balance. This system product supports and increases the biological cleaning capacity of any wastewater treatment plant in a completely natural way.

VTA Biokat in droplet form

Use it to bring your treatment plant back to life. This unique system product is not only convincing as a precipitant: it provides every plant with exactly the microorganisms it needs – tailor-made, well-engineered and completely natural.

In addition to highly effective precipitation components, trace substances, etc., VTA Biokat® also supplies complementary microorganisms.

These microorganisms are cultivated and stabilised through in-house fermentation in accordance with an individually defined formula.

The result is a product that stimulates metabolism in the ecosystem of your plant.

River with very clear water


VTA Biokat® acts like an ‘immune treatment’ for your plant and activates its natural cleaning power



activates and increases the biological cleaning power of your wastewater treatment plant in a completely natural way

guaranteed biocompatible


tailor-made for the needs of your plant

with specifically cultivated microorganisms, precipitation components and micronutrients specially adapted to your plant’s ecosystem


improves cleaning performance and sludge properties

controls bulking sludge and scum

reduces costs due to lower energy and product consumption

no risk of introduction of foreign substances as in the case of inoculation with activated sludge


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