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Thanks to our many years of experience in wastewater treatment, we carry out well-founded wastewater analyses

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We develop a solution concept for each customer that is customised precisely to the respective requirements. 



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Treatment of the wastewater produced daily by more than 250 million people.
Current annual production of over 130,000 tonnes.
Individual complete solutions precisely tailored to specific customer requirements
Supplying thousands of municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial customers
Innovative technologies and years of experience with over 70 patents
More than 450 employees worldwide.

Customized solutions

Almost every production plant produces wastewater with different compositions. This means that the requirements for a wastewater treatment plant are always different and require different treatment methods. 

VTA uses its in-depth expertise to plan and realise your wastewater treatment plant.

Precipitation / Splitting
Biological Cleaning

Our range of services includes pipeline construction, the construction of pumping stations, the manufacture of tanks, screening and flotation systems, dosing stations, pipe reactors/flocculators, sludge dewatering units, blower and aeration installations, exhaust air treatment (scrubbers, biofilters, activated carbon, etc.), switch cabinet construction and PLC programming.


Plastics plant engineering

In this area, our continuously trained specialists mainly process PP, PE and PVC into pipelines and containers and assemble them at the customer's premises. From waste water containing highly aggressive media such as acids and alkalis to ultra-pure water applications, we can plan, manufacture and install any solution on site.

Double-walled storage tanks, round or square, are either supplied ready-made or welded on site at the customer's premises. Everything is possible with VTA.

VTA Kunststoffanlagenbau - Doppelwandige Lagerbehälter

VTA Flotation Facilities

Diverse process technologies, whether physical, chemical,  or hybrids, necessitate tailored solutions.

Leveraging our profound expertise and dedicated laboratory team, we discern the optimal process, devise comprehensive system blueprints, and execute them seamlessly.

VTA Flotationsanlage

Liner Solution

Tailored plastic linings crafted from PE or PP present VTA’s economical answer for constructing and refurbishing concrete tanks and various containers. 

Skilled and certified VTA personnel execute the construction and installation. Precision cutting of premium PE sheets on-site, secured firmly with screws, and expertly welded ensure top-notch results.

VTA’s plastic liners elevate containers of diverse types to meet stringent standards.

Kunststoffauskleidungen von VTA

VTA Mobidos

VTA Mobidos

Our plug & play dosing unit including storage tank with a capacity of up to 25 m³ offers you an uncomplicated solution without any structural measures. Thanks to frost protection, the system can be used all year round. The commissioning time at the customer's premises is extremely short. An electrical interface for remote data transmission is integrated. We offer customer-orientated financing options such as purchase, hire and hire purchase.

  • Plug & Play 
  • Dosing unit including storage tank with a capacity of up to 25 m³
  • No structural measures required 
  • Frost-proof and can be used all year round
  • Extremely short commissioning time at the customer's premises 
  • Including electrical interface for remote data transmission
  • Customer-orientated financing options (purchase, rent, hire purchase, etc.)


VTA Switch Cabinet Construction and PLC Programming

Switchgear is the centrepiece of any production or industrial plant. As every wastewater and the cleaning processes are always slightly different, the control system is particularly challenging. To meet these challenges, we plan and produce our control cabinets and control systems ourselves.


  • Enclosure planning in EPLAN P8 
  • Switch cabinet production 
  • PLC programming in the Siemens TIA Portal
  • Visualisation and data transmission

VTA Plant engineering: Customised solutions in the fields of water technology and wastewater treatment

From analysing the raw wastewater to commissioning and training by experienced process engineers - we support you throughout the entire process.

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