VTA Service & plant­optimisation

The many years of experience of our service specialists help to cut costs by reducing energy requirements.

VTA Service & Anlagenoptimierung

VTA energy & plant check

In any wastewater treatment plant, the wastewater composition can change as a result of minimal changes to cleaning and/or production processes. This can result in a plant no longer functioning optimally or causing unnecessary costs.


That's why we at VTA offer a plant check:

Process testing

Function test of the system

Testing the hydraulic load

Testing the contaminant load

Analysis of the actual process values and limit values

Presentation of the analysis and identification of optimisation potentials


Our powerful service team not only inspects and maintains the systems we have built, but also existing systems that were not installed by VTA on request. Thanks to a built-in remote maintenance modem, which is installed as standard in a VTA system, we can quickly and efficiently carry out remote diagnostics and resolve many service requests just-in-time.

VTA Anlagenoptimierung

System optimisation

Whether flotation system, filter system or sludge dewatering unit, we get the best out of every component. The many years of experience of our service specialists help to reduce costs by reducing energy requirements, the use of chemicals and/or the amount of sludge produced.


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VTA Anlagencheck Beratung

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