Polymer flocculation agents

For optimum support of chemical and industrial wastewater treatment

Polymere Fällungsmittel

VTA provides optimum flocculation for every specific form of impurity and location of any kind in the municipal and industrial sectors. 

Powder products with charges of a cationic, anionic or non-ionic nature

Liquid products with charges of a cationic, anionic or non-ionic nature

Kläranlage Luftaufnahme


Through our wide range of different polymer flocculation agents, we offer individual solutions for every area of application.


Fully biocompatible
Available in various charge densities, molecular weights
Available in different structures (linear, partially to fully cross-linked)
Tailored to your requirements
Individual advice from our VTA experts
Formation of stable floc for all dewatering units

Possible combination

Dosing and dissolving systems from Eurodos

The high-performance dosing and dissolving systems from Eurodos are the first choice for the preparation and application of polymer solutions. Our response to every concern is fast and straightforward, creating individual and complete solutions specially tailored to customers’ requirements. Short implementation times guarantee fast availability and readiness for use.


Polymer dissolving station 2KP


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