VTA Dolomin®

Organic-based, preventative and safe odour control

VTA Dolomin® is a special, highly concentrated, oxygen-rich product made from natural Alpine rock that is used for odour control in the municipal sector, in trade and industry, and in agriculture.

Suppression of digestion processes in waste and wastewater systems. 

It prevents the formation of H2S, mercaptans and amines. This means that foul odours and corrosion cannot occur at all.

Promotion of bioactivity in wastewater/waste.

In addition to the highly active substance, VTA Dolomin® also contains trace elements that support microorganisms in the treatment plant.

Binding of H2S, mercaptans and amines.

Health hazards  are prevented by minimising toxic compounds (H2S). 

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VTA Dolomin® contains natural active ingredients and trace elements that are essential for biological processes


Easy storage and dosing
Positive influence on further wastewater treatment
Broad-spectrum effect against odour-forming substances
Made-to-measure solution adapted to the respective application
Neither toxic nor corrosive
pH neutral and therefore not a hazardous substance

Areas of application

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater, process and circuit water
  • Sewer systems, pumping stations, pipeline systems
  • Standing bodies of water and soakaways
  • Landfill leachate treatment
  • Liquid manure treatment
  • Sludge treatment
  • Composting
Treatment plant

Our service

VTA offers revolutionary measurement, regulation and control technology enabling maximum success with maximum economic efficiency through load-related dosing of VTA Dolomin.
An automatic control unit determines the dosing quantity depending on the input parameters, including current measured values
Automatic and seamless recording and documentation of various measurements (temperature, pH value, amount of wastewater, etc.)
Creation of an individual dosing model based on system analysis by experienced VTA specialists
Fast, simple and secure customer access to recorded data online
Continuous level measurement to relieve the customer’s administrative load and guarantee smooth operation
Managing several dosing applications is extremely easy using the program interface provided


  • In most cases, this is the main cause of foul odours in sewer systems.
  • A colourless, flammable gas that smells like rotting eggs
  • Highly toxic  (comparable toxicity to cyanide)
  • Harmful even in low concentrations (can lead to chronic problems)
  • Corrosive (acts directly on copper pipes, but indirectly after biogenic conversion to sulphuric acid on concrete components too, for example)
  • Heavier than air - accumulates in shafts and sinks
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