Odour-free: VTA Dolomin® impresses in the tourist town of Nußdorf am Attersee

The only smell is summer

Bank of Lake Atter

VTA gives us the certainty that unpleasant smells are not an issue for our visitors.

This is a wonderful place to be on hot summer days. The lake resort of Nußdorf am Attersee offers fun in the waters of one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria – and admission is free. In summer, its turquoise blue water, which is good enough to drink, and the impressive backdrop of the Höllengebirge mountains attract visitors in droves. Tourism is by far the most important economic sector in Nußdorf, which of all of the Attersee communities has the most overnight stays.

So the people here are all the more sensitive about ensuring that nothing mars the idyll for their visitors. When it comes to wastewater disposal, this is a real challenge – because the lakeside drains that collect the wastewater from the heavily frequented bars and restaurants on the promenade have only a minimal gradient. And one of the eight main pumping stations that pump the water through the sewer system around the lake to the central treatment plant run by the Attersee clean water preservation association is located right next to Nußdorf’s lake resort and several big camping sites.

Frequent complaints about odours

‘In low-pressure weather, visitors often complained about bad smells, and their criticism was justified’, says Rudolf Wiesinger from the Nußdorf municipal office. Together with the Attersee clean water preservation association, he set about tackling the problem and found the right partner in VTA. Since the 2012 summer season, the ‘odour killer’ VTA Dolomin® has been in use in Nußdorf – ‘and since then, there have been no more complaints about the pumping station’, the official is pleased to report.

Behind this success is VTA’s H2S Reducer, an intelligent control system that makes odour prevention absolutely reliable and particularly efficient. A H2S probe measures the hydrogen sulphide concentration continuously and controls the optimum VTA Dolomin® dosage accordingly – online and fully automatic. 

Certainty around the clock

‘It works perfectly’, confirms engineer Gerhard Mittermair from the RHV clean water preservation association: ‘The probe keeps an eye out 24 hours a day. The connected control system responds immediately and according to demand.’ He has access to the data situation at any time over the Internet and can also document all processes and measures. Safety limits ensure that specified minimum and maximum dosage quantities are not exceeded. Initial setup and support are taken care of by technicians from VTA, for whom Mittermair is also full of praise: ‘The collaboration is excellent!’

‘The system works reliably, which is hugely important to us because we want our visitors to be satisfied. And the costs are comparatively minimal’, explains head of office Wiesinger.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 62
Head of Office Rudolf Wiesinger_VTA engineer Christian Baier
Rudolf Wiesinger
Head of the Nußdorf municipal office

Since VTA Dolomin® has been in use, not a single visitor to the lake resort of Nußdorf has complained about unpleasant smells. ‘VTA gives us the certainty that unpleasant smells are not an issue for our visitors, so it takes a big weight off our shoulders.’ 


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