VTA Biomaltan®

Our biorevolution – from nature for nature. Clean water through the strength of nature. This can now be taken literally thanks to VTA Biomaltan®

VTA Biomaltan® in droplet form

This high-performance, corn starch-based product is biodegradable and already meets future requirements.  Outstanding flocculation properties on a purely organic basis: VTA Biomaltan®  manages this balancing act

Rapid flocculation properties lead to a rapid improvement in the sludge volume index

The starch-based product is fully biocompatible and easily degradable

Guaranteed synergistic effect with our VTA system products.

Corn and a bottle of Biomaltan


Many food companies have just been waiting for organic treatment of their wastewater. The solution is here now – VTA Biomaltan!


reduced sludge volume index
increased sedimentation rate
binding of fine floc and suspended solids
floc stabilisation
elimination of impurities
optimised sludge dewatering
improved thickening properties
maximised denitrification performance


Appearance: clear to slightly turbid, pale yellow liquid

Density: approx. 1.2 g/cm³

Solubility: fully miscible with water


  • We recommend only using storage tanks and pipelines made of material such a polyethlene, polypropylene, PVC or rubber-lined steel for storage and transport of VTA Biomaltan®.
  • VTA Biomaltan® can be stored for at least 8 – 12 months. Possible slight cloudiness does not influence its effectiveness.


VTA Biomaltan® should be stored and dosed in its delivery concentration.

The dosing quantity required depends on water quality, the desired cleaning performance and the conditions in the wastewater treatment plant.

If dilutions (max. 1:10) are necessary, these must be used quickly as they lose some of their effectiveness if left standing for a longer period of time.



VTA Biomaltan® is available loose in tankers or in 1,200-kg containers.


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    VTA Biomaltan® in practice

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