VTA Biolizer®

Minimal volume – maximum effect. The VTA Biolizer® system product was developed for maximum impact using minimal resources.

Even more capability in the activated stage, even more conservation of resources: a key to success is the harmonised bubble formation that the addition of VTA Biolizer® produces in the ecosystem.

Aeration times can be reduced significantly because the oxygen in the aeration zone is used much more effectively.

Significant improvement in the settling and thickening behaviour of activated sludge.

Better results with lower dosing and reduction of energy costs by almost 30%.

VTA Biolizer graphic


Minimal volume – maximum effect. VTA Biolizer® was developed for maximum impact using minimal resources.


up to 30% less aeration energy
greater plant stability – greater operational safety
increases oxygenation
promotes microbiology
improved settling and thickening behaviour
optimises floc structure
effective against filamentous bacteria
improved oxidation properties
enhanced degradation capacity in terms of COD, ammonium and phosphate
improves efficiency of the activated sludge stage for wastewater with high organic loads
efficiently separates emulsified fats and oils in wastewater
targeted binding of sulphur


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