VTA Calcoferrit®

Odour control has never been so easy.

VTA Calcoferrit®, the simple, efficient and organic odour killer, suppresses the formation of biogenic sulphuric acid that leads to corrosion damage in the sewer system. This can considerably reduce the costs of maintenance and repair.

Preventing anaerobic conditions cuts off metabolic pathways that would normally result in the formation of substances with a very strong odour.

Another component eliminates existing odours. Even substances introduced later through other pathways are neutralised.

Calcoferrit® optimises wastewater quality: The calcium content stabilises the floc and supports the biological processes in the treatment plant. 

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VTA Calcoferrit® is effective wherever odorous substances can escape between introduction into the sewage system and the treatment plant.



  • Organic, sustainable and reliable.
  • Up to 40% more effective than conventional products.

Effective in many ways

  • Eliminates existing odours and prevents new ones.
  • Reduces corrosion and thus maintenance costs for sewer systems.
  • Optimises wastewater quality.

Cost effective and simple

  • Works wherever odorous substances can escape.
  • Optimum control technology, with automatic dosing for example.
  • Fair  price-service ratio.
  • Made-to-measure service packages.

Possible combination

VTA underground tank

The VTA underground tank is the best option for storing VTA system products for odour control below ground and for dosing.

Foul odours from the sewer and concrete corrosion on the infrastructure are effectively eliminated and prevented by VTA’s highly effective ‘odour killers’. Where these system products are in use, however, the question often arises, particularly in pumping stations, of what the best option is for storing and dosing them.

The solution is the VTA underground tank, a double-walled storage tank made of polypropylene, available in various sizes from 1 – 3 m3. Thanks to its corrugated profile, the outer wall is particularly resistant and able to reliably withstand compressive stresses from the ground earth. The interstitial space is monitored by a leakage sensor.

VTA underground tank

H2S monitoring

With H2S monitoring and highly effective special products, VTA reliably ensures that odours are eliminated even under difficult conditions. Using the latest measuring and control technology makes odour control particularly economical and user friendly. VTA offers the option of remote monitoring  and control using H2S monitoring: dosing is controlled online via the H2S server (H2S sensor, GPS terminal). VTA offers the full complete package for this purpose on request. 

VTA H2S reducer


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