Odour control with VTA Calcoferrit®

The fragrance of May, not of the sewer

Child smelling tree blossoms_gentle May breeze

Spring is a time for coming alive and breathing deeply – but not everywhere: during the warm season, many municipalities struggle with foul odours from the sewer network. VTA Calcoferrit® provides a reliable, safe solution to this problem, which often exasperates the people affected by it and responsible for controlling it.

Especially in the springtime and summer, the smell rising out of many a manhole cover is pretty obnoxious. This is the case with hydrogen sulphide (H2S), in particular, which is produced in septic wastewater. The anaerobic conditions in the pipelines that give rise to this are encouraged by higher temperatures and little rain. Pressure lines are particularly at risk, because the dissolved oxygen can quickly run short in the absence of air.

Apart from H2S, other no less foul-smelling substances can also be formed in these conditions – ammonia, amines, mercaptans and organic acids such as butyric acid. Many town mayors and officials could tell you a thing or two about public anger and the number of complaints they receive about these odours. In some places, after a few unsuccessful attempts at control, people have resigned themselves to putting up with the bad smells, like some unavoidable seasonal phenomenon of nature.

Biodual odour elimination

Enter VTA Calcoferrit®, an absolutely reliable solution that quickly and completely eradicates this nuisance. With this impressive product, VTA has put the principle of biodual odour elimination into practice, because its composition means that VTA Calcoferrit® works in two ways:

  • odours that are already present are immediately bound and abruptly neutralised. This also applies to extremely foul-smelling substances such as amines and mercaptans.
  • At the same time, VTA Calcoferrit® prevents the formation of further odours by inhibiting the development of anaerobic conditions, so that problems with odours cannot come about in the first place.

But VTA Calcoferrit® doesn’t only spare the olfactory nerves, but also prevents serious and expensive damage to the wastewater infrastructure. This is because the mechanism of action of this innovative product also inhibits the formation of biogenic sulphuric acid, which with its aggressive properties causes the corrosion of concrete for which sewer networks and shafts are notorious.

Vienna also swears by VTA’s expertise in odours

These innovative solutions for odour control are now trusted by many hundreds of municipalities in Austria and the EU, from idyllic small tourist villages to the Austrian capital Vienna. VTA’s products that eliminate odours have also long been in successful use outside Europe too, for example in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. And we’re not only talking about VTA Calcoferrit® here, but the entire range of system products and plant solutions in the VTA product range. When selecting the relevant components, VTA is guided by one premise and one premise only: the highest possible degree of efficiency and effectiveness is the crucial factor in finding the perfect solution for the customer.

Also in a package with technology and underground tank.

Thanks to the use of the latest measuring, dosing and control technology, odour control with VTA Calcoferrit® is particularly economical and user-friendly: it monitors the H2S concentration and intervenes automatically where necessary. With the H2S Reducer, VTA offers a complete online system for measurement, automatic dosing and documentation. The settings are determined in advance during practical use.

VTA also offers optimum solutions for the storage of VTA Calcoferrit®, individually manufactured exactly to customer requirements. These include high-quality underground tanks as well as plastic tanks that can be directly adapted to existing premises, or dosing containers for outdoor installation as a ‘plug & play’ solution.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 82


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