VTA Calcoferrit® – The biological double whammy for foul odours

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International use of our biological double whammy for foul odours


Intense heat, long dwell times in sewers, low availability of measuring technology and far lower standards in terms of the construction and maintenance of water treatment plants and sewer systems – these are just a few of the major differences between Europe and countries such as Israel or the United Arab Emirates.

Since our biological double whammy for foul odours in sewers clearly demonstrated its advantages in Europe some time ago and the use of VTA Calcoferrit® by our customers results in up to 40% savings in terms of dosing quantity, our VTA Sales Director for international markets, Arrigo Righi, had powerful arguments with which to convince his customers in Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi. They had been looking for a simple and effective solution to odour problems for a long time and now trust in the experience and competence of VTA.

One company in Abu Dhabi now relies on the extremely good results that its European colleagues have long been able to demonstrate with VTA Calcoferrit® for its support of seven wastewater stations. Wastewater had been treated pretty ineffectively to date using calcium nitrate powder, which needed to be dissolved in an upstream step and then introduced into the pumping station using measuring technology  in order to prevent odours. Due to these relatively extensive steps, the decision was made to use VTA Calcoferrit® going forward as an even better solution. Without measuring technology and without dissolving the calcium nitrate powder upstream, average consumption could also be reduced to a dosing quantity of 10 ppm. Staff are spared additional work steps and excellent results can be produced.

VTA is able to point to another success story with its odour control products in Israel. In Tel Aviv,  a solution containing nitrate was recently replaced byVTA Calcoferrit® for the city’s sewage systems. In this case too, VTA Calcoferrit® was chosen for its even better and easier handling. This immediately reduced usage values and made it possible to intercept peaks better – even without measurements.

These examples demonstrate once again the odour control options available from VTA. Simple and even more effective odour control – that’s VTA Calcoferrit®!

VTA Calcoferrit®


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