VTA Calcoferrit®: Odour-free – reliable and economical

Sewer system

Its use in practice provides impressive proof that VTA Calcoferrit® prevents and eliminates odours from the sewer with absolute reliability. And it saves a lot of money, because the quantities required can be reduced by up to 40%

With VTA Calcoferrit®, VTA has successfully developed and implemented the principle of biodual odour elimination. With two different mechanisms of action, the latest VTA innovation ensures odour-free conditions – on a biological basis, safely and reliably. It prevents the development of hydrogen sulphide, and it also effectively combats odorous substances that are already present, including amines and mercaptans.

Highly effective and highly economical

A current example from the Upper Palatinate region of Germany shows that VTA Calcoferrit® is setting new standards, not only in terms of effectiveness but also in terms of cost-effectiveness. The sewer network in the municipality of Lauterhofen (district of Neumarkt) covers more than 70 kilometres, of which 28 kilometres are pressure pipelines that transport the wastewater from individual local centres to the treatment plant, with 81 pumping stations in use. It makes use of the activated sludge process with joint sludge stabilisation; since 2004, phosphate precipitation has also been in place. With a design capacity of 3,800 PE, the load on the treatment plant is up to 4,600 PE. Time and again, the team in Lauterhofen used to find themselves confronted with problems with odours. This happened in particular when a pressure pipeline was connected to a gravity sewer shaft and at the pumping station in question, where severe corrosion damage to the concrete was found to have occurred after only a short time. For three and a half years, a commercially available calcium nitrate solution was used as a countermeasure, and indeed with some success. However, the dosage quantity had to be increased continuously, from 4.4 to 6.4 litres per day. For a short time, as much as 9.5 litres per day was required.

Dosage quantity falls by almost 40%

At the beginning of June 2015, treatment plant manager Simon Fromm switched to the brand new product VTA Calcoferrit® on the recommendation of VTA’s Josef Marhoffer. Since that day, the dosage quantity has been gradually reduced; it is currently 4.2 litres per day – with optimum effect, namely absolutely odour-free conditions. ‘Compared to the product previously in use, that is a reduction of 35 to 40%’, confirms plant manager Fromm. In relation to the peak values previously recorded, the savings are even greater. In addition, VTA Calcoferrit® also prevents corrosion of the wastewater infrastructure and the damage it entails – another decisive factor in terms of its overall cost effectiveness.

Particularly easy to use

On top of that, VTA Calcoferrit® is also particularly easy and straightforward to use, in many cases not even requiring control and regulation technology. And last but not least, its calcium content stabilises the floc and supports the biological processes in the treatment plant. Digestion processes are avoided and the sludge properties are improved.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 70


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