VTA underground tank – odour control made easy.

VTA odour control_woman taking a breath of fresh sea air

The VTA underground tank is the best option for storing VTA system products for odour control underground and for dosing.

Bad odours from the sewer and corrosion of infrastructure concrete are effectively eliminated and prevented by the VTA’s highly effective ‘odour killers’, such as VTA Calcoferrit® and VTA Dolomin®. Where these products are in use, however, the question often arises, particularly in the area of pumping stations, of what the best option is for storing and dosing them.

The solution is the VTA underground tank, a double-walled storage tank made of polypropylene, available in various sizes from 1 to 3 m3. With its corrugated profile, the outer wall is particularly resistant and can reliably withstand pressure loads from the earth. The space between is monitored with a leakage probe. The technical equipment is housed in the manhole pit and is therefore easily accessible at all times. Dosing of the products is taken care of by the latest diaphragm dosing pumps. There are various options for equipping the system. For example, continuous level measurement and/or overfill protection are available. Filling is done either directly through the service opening or through a separately installed filling line.

In addition, VTA also offers remote monitoring and control using H2S monitoring: dosing is then controlled online with the H2S server (H2S probe, GPS terminal).