The magic of VTA Biolizer®

Biolizer – Platz zum Luftholen. Der VTA Biolizer führt zu einem Ausgleich im Blasenbild der Belebtstufe. Die Sauerstoffkontaktfläche wird vergrößert.

Treatment plant

Sustainability is a buzzword describing our efforts to leave our children a liveable and viable environment. Water is an integral part of that environment.

The technical solutions available for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater are as diverse as the plants and municipalities themselves, indeed much the same as the people in these areas.

Microorganisms also like to get some air The energy used for aeration in the activated sludge stage at treatment plants is a considerable cost factor. However, the microorganisms in the biological step of wastewater treatment need the oxygen to survive and to expedite the processes that degrade the organic substances in the water. Large air bubbles in this process step are counterproductive for two reasons. On the one hand, large volumes always involve smaller surfaces in total. It is only the enormous exchange surface offered by the tiny pulmonary alveoli that makes the lungs so efficient. On the other hand, large bubbles rise to the surface more quickly, reducing the time available for oxygen transfer.

VTA Biolizer®

VTA Biolizer® is a synthetically manufactured high-performance product from the research and development department at the VTA Group. It is the result of decades of experience gained in thousands of wastewater treatment plants around the globe. Made by experts for experts, it solves problems and establishes equilibrium in the ecosystem. In addition, the regulator increases plant reliability, ensures smooth operation and brings calm to the system.

Biolize me

VTA Biolizer® promotes bubble equilibrium in the activated sludge stage. The oxygen contact area is enlarged. The microorganisms find it easier to ‘get some air’. This makes the biological process more balanced and efficient, reducing aeration times and with them costs. The ventilation energy required is reduced by up to 30%. But that is not all that this brand-new high-performance product can do.

Yet more from the VTA Biolizer® bag of tricks  VTA Biolizer® splits emulsified fats and oils in wastewater that are otherwise virtually impossible to degrade. It also improves the settling and thickening behaviour of the sludge. This is hugely important because it also optimises solid-liquid separation, and thus the operational reliability of the treatment plant. All in all, VTA Biolizer® is suitable for wastewater of any composition, as it improves the performance of the activated sludge stage.

Individualität und Nachhaltigkeit

VTA doesn’t just stand for sustainability. VTA also stands for tailor-made solutions for the process steps in wastewater treatment. This individual adaptation to specific conditions is necessary to achieve optimum results in this diversity. VTA Biolizer® is another important tool in enabling tailor-made solutions.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue  80a


VTA Biolizer®

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