Odour control 4.0

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In the Bavarian municipality of Ursensollen, the use of ‘odour killers’ to combat sewer stench has long been very successful – and now, with the new VTA Calcoferrit®, even more economical than ever before.

‘Our problem with odours from the sewers is resolved’, confirmed Ursensollen mayor Franz Mädler two years ago in Laubfrosch. After protracted and unsuccessful attempts to get rid of the unpleasant smells, the Upper Palatinate community turned to VTA and with resounding success, because their use of the proven system product VTA Dolomin® put an end to the invisible nuisance in a flash. That there were problems with odours in Ursensollen should come as no surprise, since the municipal area extends over 73 km² and includes 38 towns and villages. 25 km of pressure pipes and several pumping stations are required to transport the wastewater to the treatment plant. The volumes of wastewater tend to be low, and it also remains in the pressure pipes for up to three days. These are ‘best’ conditions for the development of hydrogen sulphide (H₂S).

Not a single new complaint

Thanks to VTA Dolomin®, the problem was resolved reliably – ‘It worked exceptionally well’, says plant manager Hermann Nadler emphatically But for VTA, there is a golden rule that no solution is so good that it cannot be improved by constant innovation. This was the case in Ursensollen last year, when the plant set about replacing VTA Dolomin® with VTA Calocferrit®. The new product – the ‘biological double whammy for bad odours’ – also prevents and combats stenches with absolute reliability. Since the start of dosing, there has not been a single complaint from the public about unpleasant smells from the sewers.

Down from 20 to just 7 tonnes

This result is even more gratifying when you consider that the dosage quantity has also fallen sharply at the same time: ‘We have reduced our annual consumption for odour control by more than half compared to VTA Dolomin®, from 20 to 7 tonnes’, says Hermann Nadler, describing his experience with VTA Calocferrit®.

In many cases, the reliable effect of VTA Calocferrit® even makes it possible to dispense with costly control and regulation technology, making the use of this pioneering VTA innovation even more economical.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 72
Hermann Nadler

‘With VTA Calcoferrit® we have reduced product consumption by more than half!’


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