The evolution of biophysics

Fluid intelligence technology engineered for the adsorptive elimination of

The next development stage of the VTA Liquid Engineering series. 

VTA Nanocarbon® is a sophisticated suspension which boasts biophysical adsorption properties at the nanoscale, comprising functionalized carbon nanoparticles meticulously combined with specific cationization, bio activators, and essential bulk elements.

Thanks to the unique configuration of VTA Nanocarbon®, which maximizes its active surface area, even small doses within the existing purification system can efficiently remove anthropogenic trace substances, microplastic particles, and AOX in a lowenergy manner.

VTA Nanocarbon® effectively eliminates up to 99% of microplastic particles, especially those in the lower micrometer range.

By employing VTA Nanocarbon®, non-naturally degradable pollutants like AOX can be effectively removed from wastewater by up to 93%.

VTA Nanocarbon® replaces the 4th purification stage

The liquid engineering process using VTA Nanocarbon® guarantees high trace substance elimination rates without expensive investments for conversion and expansion work, as well as energy-intensive operation of a 4th purification stage.

Alternative to the 4th purification stage - sewage treatment expert Thomas Heppner confirms practical application

VTA Nanocarbon® is the latest development in the VTA Liquid Engineering series and marks a significant advance in wastewater treatment.

VTA Nanocarbon® cleaning performance

The recorded values reflect the average cleaning effectiveness across different types of
wastewater treatment plants for various anthropogenic trace substances over a one-year period.

Nanocarbon cleaning performance


1 The smallest microplastic particles are reduced by up to 99%
2 Removes up to 98% of relevant trace substances
3 Up to 30% less ventilation energy
4 Up to 30% carbon reduction
5 Up to 93% of pollutant parameters such as AOX are bound from the wastewater
6 The use of VTA Nanocarbon® does not result in any transformation products!

VTA Nanocarbon® average trace substance elimination rate

The average elimination rate required by the EU Urban Wastewater Directive is 80%. VTA Nanocarbon® average trace substance elimination rate is 93%! 

Nanocarbon trace substance elimination rate

Increasing the purification performance of wastewater treatment plants

By maximising the settling speed of the solids, a high level of operational safety is ensured, even with high hydraulic loads. In addition, the biological activity is increased and the purification performance of the wastewater treatment plant is improved.


Reduction of ventilation energy

The compact floc configuration permits efficient oxygen dispersion, maximizing oxygen utilization. This facilitates a possible decrease in aeration energy usage of up to 30% during the activated sludge phase, playing a pivotal role in advancing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in wastewater management.

VTA Nanocarbon


Several test series confirm this: VTA Nanocarbon® leads to a significant improvement in sedimentation behaviour and settling speed and improves the sludge properties, resulting in an optimal and compact floc structure. resulting in an optimised and compact floc structure.

VTA Nanocarbon sedimentation curve

Micropollutants - a danger to humans and the environment

According to the current state of technology, wastewater treatment plants are not able to retain or break down the micropollutants introduced by humans, meaning that rivers, lakes and even groundwater and drinking water are polluted. Microplastics also pose an ever-increasing risk to humans and the environment, with the smallest, health-relevant plastic particles in particular being insufficiently removed from wastewater by conventional wastewater treatment processes.

Mikroplastik in einem Reagenzglas mit Wasser

A world first in biophysics

The introduction of VTA Nanocarbon® in the VTA Liquid Engineering series represents a significant milestone in wastewater treatment.

Save energy & protect the climate

Thanks to its specific structure, VTA Nanocarbon® enables extensive and energy-efficient elimination of pollutants in the existing treatment system with minimal dosing. VTA Nanocarbon® is added to the aeration tank of the wastewater treatment plant to ensure optimum mixing and sufficient contact time.

VTA Nanocarbon® Folder


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VTA Nanocarbon®


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