ÖSTERREICHER: Ing. Mag. Dr. h. c. Ulrich Kubinger

Oberösterreicher mit Ing. Mag. Dr. h. c. Ulrich Kubinger

VTA founder & environmental pioneer

The cover of the current issue of OBERÖSTERREICHER features a man who has exactly that in mind: Environmental pioneer Ing. Mag. Dr. h. c. Ulrich Kubinger presented his vision of the future for a cleaner world with the VTA Hydropower system. As part of the impressive “Water burns” experiment, he and his daughter demonstrated at the 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna how hydrogen can be produced from waste water without an external energy supply, captivating both the audience and the judges.




The VTA Hydropower system was presented as the highlight of this year's 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna. Environmental pioneer and VTA CEO Ing. Mag. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Kubinger and his daughter, VTA authorized signatory Marlen Kubinger, impressed the audience on the main stage with their vision of the future “Water burns”.

"A father who is allowed to take his daughter with him on his journey. There is nothing more fulfilling than that, as my daughter is my life."    

Ing. Mag. Dr. h. c. Ulrich Kubinger is a trained chemist and founded VTA in 1992 as a one-man company. Today, the VTA Group produces ecologically fully compatible high-end processes at its headquarters in Rottenbach and at six other locations in Europe under the motto high-end process

With the VTA Nanocarbon®-process, we can save 30 percent of the aeration energy in wastewater treatment plants. In addition, we can also completely eliminate the need to expand the 4th purification stage, which would not be possible in many plants in terms of space and is also very cost-intensive. These costs are completely eliminated with our new process. 

VTA Nanocarbon®

The globally active company helps to clean the wastewater of more than 250 million people every day. The VTA Group employs more than 450 people.

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