UNSER MAGAZIN: VTA impressed at the 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna

“Water burns” thanks to VTA Hydropower Nano technology without additional energy.

VTA beim 4Gamechangers Festival in Wien

On May 16, the VTA Hydropower system was presented as the highlight of the 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna. Environmental pioneer Ulrich Kubinger and VTA authorized signatory Marlen Kubinger impressed the audience on the main stage with their presentation “Water burns”.


In 2023, the VTA founder demonstrated at the 4Gamechangers Festival how clean water can be obtained from wastewater and promised a major innovation for 2024: making water burn. He kept this promise. Together with his daughter Marlen Kubinger, he presented the revolutionary VTA Liquid Engineering technology of the VTA Hydropower and demonstrated how hydrogen can be separated from wastewater without additional energy.

VTA-Hydropower-Technologie auf dem 4Gamechangers Festival in Wien


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Hydrogen rocks the stage - VTA at the 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna