Microplastics - the invisible danger

Mikroplastik in einem Reagenzglas mit Wasser

They are small and often only visible under a microscope, but pose a great danger to the human body. Microplastic particles enter the human body primarily through water and food.

They can lead to inflammation, cancer and infertility.

"Every person consumes five grams of microplastics per week - that's a credit card!"

VTA is fighting this with intensive research and effective products.

Microplastics - the invisible danger

Sale of microplastics banned in the EU in future to reduce the amount of particles entering the environment and oceans, the EU is banning the sale of microplastics and products to which they are added. This affects granules for sports fields and cosmetic products, for example. The sale of microplastics in various areas is gradually being banned in the European Union (EU). New rules from the EU Commission will prohibit the sale of microplastics in future, as the Brussels authority announced today. There will also be a ban on the sale of products to which microplastics have been added and which release them during use. (Source: ARD - Tagesschau)