Lubin relies on GSD

VTA GSD sludge dewatering Poland

In Poland, the biggest ultrasonic disintegration plant that VTA has ever built in Europe started operation.

VTA has registered a new, literally great success in Poland: with the Lublin treatment plant (500,000 PE), another large Polish treatment plant was equipped with VTA’s patented GSD ultrasound disintegration technology.

In the biggest Polish city east of the Vistula, the installation and startup of a sewage sludge disintegration system for its wastewater treatment plant was put out to international tender in early 2015. VTA Technologie GmbH presented an approach that with its balance of the theoretically feasible and practically sensible implementation impressed across the board.

Long-lasting, flexible and maintenance-free

In the VTA GSD system, ultrasonic transducers digest the thickened sludge flowing through the disintegration reactor. The hallmarks of the technology are low wear of the transducer elements with service lives of more than five years, high flexibility, high digestion rates, trouble-free and maintenance-free operation, and a wide range of other benefits. The ultrasonic countercurrent disintegration plant with 32 transducer elements was then started up in the middle of the year and has been impressing in day-to-day practice ever since. Depending on requirements, between 30 and 75% of the thickened excess sludge produced is pumped by the VTA GSD 32  and treated according to the specific application. The plant in Lublin is VTA’s biggest GSD system in Europe. Even bigger VTA plants are in successful use in South Korea.

Field report from the VTA Group’s scientific journal “Laubfrosch”, issue 72


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