Odour control

Bad odours from the sewer network? Place your trust in the system products from VTA!

Duct cover

During the warm season, many municipalities struggle with foul odours from the sewer network. If the sewage system is not working to capacity or is not adequately ventilated, gases are released from the wastewater before it reaches the treatment plant. 

VTA provides straightforward and efficient system products for this problem. A reliable and safe solution.

eliminates existing odours and prevents new ones

works wherever odorous substances can escape

reduces corrosion and thus maintenance costs for sewer systems


Odour from the sewers?

Long holding times or low water levels encourage the formation of hydrogen sulphide, giving rise to the characteristic smell of rotten eggs.


VTA products for odour elimination!

System products for odour control such as VTA Calcoferrit® and VTA Dolomin® are introduced into sewers in situ.


Economical dosing eliminates existing odours and prevents new ones.

Used together with VTA system products, our patented VTA underground tank is ideal for odour control.


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