Microscopy courses

Experience exciting, instructive and practical microscopy courses with our VTA biologists – directly at the treatment plant.

VTA microscopy course

The view through the microscope gives important clues about the operating state and potential wastewater treatment problems. Hence, our VTA Biology Team offers microscopy courses directly at the treatment plant both in Austria and internationally. 


Microscopy courses are a service offered by VTA designed to introduce you to the world of microorganisms in the wastewater sector.

Our course helps you get started with examination under a microscope, refresh your knowledge of biology or deepen your knowledge of relevant subject areas. We offer this training as a one-day course (either basic or advanced course) or as a two-day combination course (basic and advanced course).

Basic course

  • Handling a microscope correctly
  • Assessing floc morphology
  • Identifying indicator organisms (single-celled or multi-celled)
  • Assessing stringiness
  • Live determination of filamentous bacteria
  • Detecting contaminants
  • Assessing fat content
  • Producing a report
  • Interpreting results
  • Identifying operating problems

Advanced course

  • Revision of floc morphology and organisms
  • Staining technique (Gram/Neisser staining)
  • Identifying filamentous bacteria and their indicator functions
  • Diagnosing results
  • Targeted measures for optimising technical operations

You will need to bring

approx. 50 ml activated sludge
possibly 50 ml scum
If available: own microscope, identification literature


One-day (basic or advanced course): €50, including light refreshments
Two-day (basic and advanced course): €80, including light refreshments; invoice will be issued following course attendance

Course date/venue

by agreement (more than 6 people)


If you are interested in one of our microscopy courses, either at your premises or our premises in Rottenbach, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Our Biology department looks forward to hearing from you.

Tel.: +43 7732 4133


Dr Kubinger in the laboratory
Ing. Dr. h. c. Ulrich Kubinger
Managing Director / CEO VTA Group

‘At VTA, we think in cycles. We not only treat wastewater, we also pay attention to the environment as a whole.’