Effective sludge reduction. Less sludge. More gas. First-rate balance.

VTA_reverse flow disintegration plant

The original.

With ultrasound

Optimum sewage sludge treatment, stable digestion operation and reduction of costs – this is what reverse flow disintegration (GSD) with ultrasound, a patented process from VTA Technologie GmbH, has to offer.

In VTA GSD, ultrasonic transducers digest the thickened sludge flowing through the disintegration reactor.

The patented disintegration system with ultrasound (GSD) is mainly used to treat thickened sludge (excess or raw sludge) just before it is pumped into the digestion system.

In VTA GSD, ultrasonic transducers digest the thickened sludge flowing through the disintegration reactor. The disintegration effect is achieved using ultrasound (frequency of 25 kHz). 

The aim is to optmise the digestion process: the potential of the existing sludge is exploited more effectively in the digestion system by pretreatment with ultrasound.

Digester gas extraction


Optimum sewage sludge treatment, stable digestion operation and reduction of costs: this is what reverse flow disintegration has to offer.


UP TO 30% MORE BIOGAS Use energy contained in the sewage sludge: thanks to GSD, considerably more biogas is produced which can be converted into electricity and heat.
UP TO 20% LESS POLYMER Dewater sludge economically: thanks to GSD, the need for flocculation agents (polymers) is reduced significantly.
UP TO 20% LESS SLUDGE Save on disposal costs: the effective decomposition of organic matter and improved dewatering behaviour reduces the volume of sludge.
NO FOAMING IN THE DIGESTER For stable operation: filamentous bacteria are destroyed thus preventing or reducing foaming in the digester.
UP TO 15% MORE CAPACITY Increase in dewatering capacity of the existing system by up to 15%.
SHORT PAYBACK PERIOD Under favourable conditions, a GSD system pays for itself after just 3 years.

One technology. Many advantages

UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE Thanks to fully automated operation at zero pressure, GSD reactors from VTA can be installed or retrofitted in any treatment plant without any problems.
FLEXIBLE GSD plants can be operated continuously both at high and low energy levels. This enables multi-stage disintegration in just one process step.
ECONOMICAL In GSD reactors, the sludge is continuously treated with high-intensity ultrasound. This produces high digestion rates with low energy consumption.
LONG-LIFE High-quality components (titanium, high-grade steel) from reputable manufacturers and robust design guarantee a long life.
LOW MAINTENANCE Annual maintenance and routine visual inspection are perfectly adequate.
RELIABLE GSD operation is guaranteed to be trouble-free and blockage free. Flushing the plant or complex pretreatment of the substrate are not necessary.


Effect of ultrasound on microorganisms

The cell walls of microorganisms are stable, but ultrasound directs a great deal of energy to the cell wall.

Ultrasound causes the cells to break down.

Inside the cells there is now an aqueous solution.

The usable proportion of nutrients in the sludge increases as these are broken down (for example, salts, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.).

In addition, the cell walls become accessible from both sides and consequently the buffer effect of the cell content is not employed. This means the cell wall can be broken down faster 

and serves as a food resource for bacteria. An increased food resource leads  

to an increased population or greater activity. Metabolism increases 

. This allows a larger amount of organic material to be converted to digester gas.

The challenge

Inefficient digestion: 

International studies show that 50% of all digestion plants work unsatisfactorily.

Our solution

VTA Ultrasound reverse flow disintegration:

Cells are broken down. This enables an increase in the amount of digester gas and the production of electrical energy by up to 30%.

The result

Cost savings by increasing gas and energy production

• stabilisation and optimisation of the digestion process

• reduction of sewage sludge and polymer consumption


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