Nanofloc® - High performance and highly economical

We purify water based on state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

Instantaneous impact and unparalleled penetrating capability

VTA Nanofloc®, an advanced solution crafted with cutting-edge nanotechnology

With its quick-acting effect and unrivalled penetrating power, VTA Nanofloc® is streets ahead of all the other precipitants currently on the market for wastewater treatment.

Effective and economical! VTA Nanofloc® maximizes the settling rate of solid particles and the control of contaminants in biological systems in record time – while requiring minimal dosage.

VTA Nanofloc® maximizes the settling velocity of the solid particles, extends zones 1 and 2 of the secondary clarifier in particular with regard to the unhindered settling of the sludge flocs and thus improves the hydraulic conditions of the wastewater treatment plant.


Nanofloc® not only works extremely fast, but also at extremely low dosages and is therefore particularly cost efficient.

One innovation, numerous advantages:


  • Reliable impurity control even with extreme
    inlet fluctuations (external discharges)
  • Significant acceleration of settling rates (up to
    fivefold increase achievable)
  • Rapid formation of highly dense, shear-resistant
    sludge flocs
  • Efficient binding of ultra-fine flocs and suspensions



  • Enhanced oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption for aeration
  • Accelerated degradation of contaminants


  • Prompt and lasting enhancement of sludge properties
    in terms of sedimentation and thickening
  • Streamlined dewatering process and reduced polymer
    usage accelerated breakdown of pollutants
  • Decreased reloading via filtrate or centrate discharge
  • Enhances the efficiency and environmental
    footprint of the wastewater treatment facility
Marlen Kubinger mit VTA Nanofloc

"Intensive research and ongoing optimization guarantee our success. VTA Nanofloc® works efficiently and very quickly."


In the nanoscale range, the metallic base material in VTA Nanofloc® multiplies its intrinsic attractive force, which means that the charge equalization does not take place on the surface of the sludge floc - as is usually the case - but inside it. Extremely compact flocs are formed - subsequent floc disintegration is virtually impossible, even under unfavorable conditions.

Low dosage. Unique effect.

Nanofloc® is extremely economical due to its low dosage. With its fast action and exceptional efficiency, VTA Nanofloc® significantly outperforms all previously available precipitants in wastewater treatment.

Nanofloc Dosierung

Sedimentation behavior

By strategically implementing VTA Nanofloc® in precise doses within the distribution structure, return sludge, or secondary clarifier inlet, we can potentially enhance the settling rate of suspended solids by up to five times. This is achieved by fostering the formation of compact and shear-stable activated sludge flocs. Such optimization not only boosts the hydraulic load-bearing capacity but also mitigates sludge carryover, particularly under impact loads and heavy rainfall occurrences. Moreover, it reduces the need for polymers in sludge dewatering while markedly improving the dewatering efficiency.


By strategically employing VTA Nanofloc®, tangible outcomes affirm heightened settling velocities of solid particles. This amplification extends the effectiveness of zones 1 and 2 within the secondary clarifier, specifically facilitating unimpeded settling of sludge flocs. Consequently, it enhances the hydraulic dynamics of the wastewater treatment facility.

VTA Nanofloc® in practice

Liquid engineering process with VTA Nanofloc® for efficient wastewater treatment.

VTA Nanofloc® is unique with state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

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VTA Nanofloc® in droplet form

VTA Nanofloc® Folder


Discover all the details of VTA Nanofloc® in our digital e-paper, which you can read conveniently and is also available as a download.


VTA Nanofloc® E-Paper

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