VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE

For the reliable elimination of different germ loads in the secondary clarification of wastewater.

VTA Hydroprompt Forte

Clean water means a healthy life.

This multifunctional system product from VTA’s in-house laboratories has been enhanced with additional properties that ensure highly effective precipitation and flocculation.

VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE is used for the treatment of wastewater in the inlet to the secondary clarifier.

Microbial impurities (for example, pathogens and multi-resistant germs) are effectively removed from the aqueous phase.

The specially developed formula ensures that there is nevertheless no adverse impact on the microorganisms in the biological process.

Result VTA Hydroprompt FORTE


Effective reduction of germ load even at low dosing quantities
Improved settleability/sedimentation behaviour of suspended matter
Efficient flocculation – formation of stable macrofloc
Increased sedimentation rate and visibility depth
Reliable phosphate elimination
Reduction of precipitant consumption
Use VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE with care due to its disinfecting effect. Always read the label and product information before use.


The unique composition enables a wide range of applications and can be used individually according to requirements.

Innovative, multifunctional product removes pathogens from wastewater. Germs reduced by more than 95 percent –
same for antibiotic-resistant pathogens!

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the contamination of wastewater with pathogens is also becoming an important issue for society as a whole. The VTA Group is aware of this responsibility and has been addressing such problems for many years now. Extensive research and development work has gone into producing VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE, a product innovation with unique properties that are now also being confirmed in practice.


Results: VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE

In addition to effectively reducing germs, VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE also visibly impresses with efficient flocculation and the formation of stable macrofloc.

Video in real time recording


Several series of tests confirm that VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE leads to a significant improvement in sedimentation behaviour and sedimentation rate. The formation of stable macrofloc guarantees a clean, turbidity-free clear water phase.

Average values from a series of practical tests
VTA Hydroprompt Forte - Sedimentation curve


Significant reduction of germs at very low concentration.

VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE is used for germ reduction in the final treatment stage at wastewater treatment plants. Even very low concentrations achieve a significant reduction of germs compared to the initial situation.

Total germ load - Hydroprompt FORTE

VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE in practice

The resounding effect of VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE becomes apparent in the course of a practical test.

During the test period from 13 to 17 July 2020, one of the two secondary clarifiers was treated with 30 or 50 ppm of VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE; the second served as a reference (control sample).

The result:
  • Drastically reduces the load of pathogenic and multi-resistant germs in the discharge.
  • Sustainably optimises chemical and physical parameters (sedimentation rate, depth of visibility, phosphate elimination).

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