VTA Biosolit®

The intelligent all-in-one solution. VTA Biosolit® is impressive for its long-lasting effect, being economical to use and environmentally friendly.

Phosphate precipitation, sulphur binding, the formation of compact stable floc and sludge loading – these are all possible with VTA Biosolit®, the perfect all-in-one solution in wastewater treatment. 

VTA Biosolit®  contains an easily available, external carbon source thus increasing denitrification performance. Filamentous bacteria – are controlled effectively and odorous substances (sulphur compounds) are bound to the product.

VTA Biosolit® ensures the formation of compact floc thanks to an organic, fully biocompatible charge carrier based on naturally regenerating basic materials. It greatly improves the sludge volume index and increases the sedimentation rate. 

VTA Biosolit®acts as a bioactivator in the treatment plant. It stimulates the microorganisms in the biocoenosis of the activated sludge to be more active thus significantly increasing their degradation capacity.

Klimaschutz Wald und Meer


VTA Biosolit® binds CO2, which is produced during the biological degradation process in the wastewater treatment plant, so that it cannot escape into the atmosphere.



  • improved sludge settleability
  • formation of stable floc by optimising the lime-carbonic acid balance
  • control of bulking sludge and scum (suppression of filamentous bacteria)



  • reliable and rapid phosphate precipitation
  • increased buffer capacity of the water


  • stimulation of biocenosis activity
  • enhanced degradation capacity
  • stabilised nitrification
  • enhanced denitrification performance due to external carbon source



  • Effective control of foul odours (caused by sulphur compounds)

Positive effects

The self-regulating buffer system in VTA Biosolit® ensures excellent floc stability. It comes in soluble form and is therefore available immediately. An adequate buffer effect is essential for an optimum lime-carbonic acid balance. If the pH value fluctuates wildly, there is a risk of nitrification loss, floc decomposition and sludge outflow. VTA Biosolit® increases buffer capacity and is therefore particularly suitable for use in soft water.


phosphate precipitation
compact, stable floc
sludge loading
higher sedimentation rate
increased buffer capacity
pH stabilisation
sulphur binding


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VTA Biosolit® in practice

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