Optimised sludge dewatering


Optimum dewatering is becoming increasingly important. This is where the VTA mudinator® comes in. It uses ultrasound to ensure that digested and excess sludge can be dewatered much more effectively, resulting in less sludge requiring disposal. This innovative technology achieves optimum effect in combination with the high-performance product VTA Biocitran®.

dewatering result

significantly reduced
polymer requirement

disposal costs


The challenge

Deficient dewatering:

Untreated sludge retains large amounts of water, drying becomes inefficient

Our solution

VTA mudinator®

The VTA mudinator® changes the structure of sludge by using ultrasound prior to dewatering. This enables a better charge balance with the polymer

The result

Improvement in dewatering of up to five percentage points

  • Saving of disposal costs
  • Optimisation of conditioning agents and addition of polymer

VTA in practice


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